Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Excuses For "God"

If you've ever frequented any social networking sites, you've probably ran across the boasting and bragging of Christians. They usually say "God is Good!" or "Jesus saves!" or "I am covered in the Holy Ghost". Many of these people, especially on Twitter, divulge personal information to prove that "God" worked for them. I have been following several different Christians on twitter and the most boastful and confrontational "Jesus tweets" have come from Black Christians. Some of these Black Christians say "God is the only perfect one. I'm only human". Which led me to a couple days ago. I was talking to a Black female Christian who had boasted about how great she was at "de-converting atheists" by turning them into Agnostics or back to Christianity. We started talking about her great space daddy and his "creations" I spoke to her and told her that "No one can ever know anything about the beginning DEFINITIVELY, since no one was alive then". I then asked her "If God was such an 'Intelligent Designer', why do diseases and genetic disorders exist?" She replied,

"Disease is a result of sin, which our parents, Adam & Eve, committed"

I still implored about the genetic disorders. She replied.

"God made the blueprint. Just because the creation is flawed, doesn't mean the creator isn't real. Like Steve Jobs and the iPhone and Toyota. Just because there is flaws in the creation, doesn't mean the 'designers' aren't intelligent"

I laughed out loud!! She just made my point without EVER REALIZING IT. She is basically comparing an "omniscient, omnipotent god to Steve Jobs, a HUMAN CEO of a multinational conglomerate and the CEO of Toyota, ANOTHER HUMAN. In essence, she told me that "God" makes mistakes. Meaning, he's not perfect. Meaning he's just like US!!! I told her what she just did and she then went on a rant about being "reprobate mind, wicked like your father" So, she called me the son of the "DEVIL" because she proved my point.

I use this as an example of certain Christians making excuses for "God"s blatant and obvious moral shortcomings. Either if stuff happens "because Adam & Eve screwed up" or because we refuse to "bow down' and acknowledge his presence, none of these reasons seem logically responsible for any modern issue. As my pal, Angie Jackson (@antitheistangie) said, "God is impotent" If this is the truth, this young lady has proved why creation is false and "God" isn't real. Will this change her mind? No. Will she start pondering? ABSOLUTELY.

Please leave comments about similar situations you guys have experienced and thanks for visiting : )