Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Excuses For "God"

If you've ever frequented any social networking sites, you've probably ran across the boasting and bragging of Christians. They usually say "God is Good!" or "Jesus saves!" or "I am covered in the Holy Ghost". Many of these people, especially on Twitter, divulge personal information to prove that "God" worked for them. I have been following several different Christians on twitter and the most boastful and confrontational "Jesus tweets" have come from Black Christians. Some of these Black Christians say "God is the only perfect one. I'm only human". Which led me to a couple days ago. I was talking to a Black female Christian who had boasted about how great she was at "de-converting atheists" by turning them into Agnostics or back to Christianity. We started talking about her great space daddy and his "creations" I spoke to her and told her that "No one can ever know anything about the beginning DEFINITIVELY, since no one was alive then". I then asked her "If God was such an 'Intelligent Designer', why do diseases and genetic disorders exist?" She replied,

"Disease is a result of sin, which our parents, Adam & Eve, committed"

I still implored about the genetic disorders. She replied.

"God made the blueprint. Just because the creation is flawed, doesn't mean the creator isn't real. Like Steve Jobs and the iPhone and Toyota. Just because there is flaws in the creation, doesn't mean the 'designers' aren't intelligent"

I laughed out loud!! She just made my point without EVER REALIZING IT. She is basically comparing an "omniscient, omnipotent god to Steve Jobs, a HUMAN CEO of a multinational conglomerate and the CEO of Toyota, ANOTHER HUMAN. In essence, she told me that "God" makes mistakes. Meaning, he's not perfect. Meaning he's just like US!!! I told her what she just did and she then went on a rant about being "reprobate mind, wicked like your father" So, she called me the son of the "DEVIL" because she proved my point.

I use this as an example of certain Christians making excuses for "God"s blatant and obvious moral shortcomings. Either if stuff happens "because Adam & Eve screwed up" or because we refuse to "bow down' and acknowledge his presence, none of these reasons seem logically responsible for any modern issue. As my pal, Angie Jackson (@antitheistangie) said, "God is impotent" If this is the truth, this young lady has proved why creation is false and "God" isn't real. Will this change her mind? No. Will she start pondering? ABSOLUTELY.

Please leave comments about similar situations you guys have experienced and thanks for visiting : )


  1. Awesomeness. Minority atheist unite..or at least show your/our selves. Steve Jobs is human(?).


  2. This is great! I always find it interesting that when a Christian can't come up with a good answer to an intelligent question they say things like this girl said, or "God is mysterious in his ways" or "Who are we to question god and the bible?" haha Keep writing! It has been very healing for me to write my blog and having it in a blog is better than therapy. :)

  3. Disease IS the result of sin. Why are we imperfect? God gave us freewill. We (mankind) basically lived in a utopia and DECIDED to do the one thing he said not to do. But even after that, he still shows grace and mercy. Even you now saying things that are abominations towards him could come to him with a genuine heart today and be forgiven. Who is like that? No one. There is mercy, grace, and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. hello,

    you recently sent me a tweet on twitter calling me a "dummy" because I said I could never date an atheist. Maybe I was too broad when I said that, but from experience, the ones I have dated were very judgmental and hateful towards people with religions that have a some kind of deity, like God.

    I decided to check you out to see if you were an ignorant atheist, or an atheist who actually studies his facts and backs up his arguments other than means like "HE DOESN'T EXIST!"

    I'm not like most, who would just quickly start bashing you, because you are obviously looking for attention by tweeting and retweeting a statement by someone you aren't even following. So just so you know, I am not an ignorant Christian who relies on the Bible for facts. By looking at your name, it sounds Nigerian, and I know very few atheist Nigerians. Actually I don't know any. But that doesn't mean they don't exist. I'm Nigerian myself, first gen American, who simply believes in a good spirit. I don't believe in the Bible, because who knows who wrote it? I don't go to church, because many of them are full of hypocrites, and I don't celebrate certain holidays for their supposed purposes.

    Lol, I'm writing you a book here. But I just was interested in what you had to say before judging you after calling me a dummy for not wanting to date an atheist.

    my twitter is @tripscore. Looking forward to hearing intelligent information, not mindless bashing as displayed earlier.

    Bet you weren't expecting this.

  5. Anthony

    Your life will change today either for the better, or for the worse, depending on how you react to our Twitter exchange

    I am a Christian doctor. I showed an interest in you. I also tweet under @TweetMinistries.

    I originally intended MT'ing you under every medical hashtag I could think of, saying 'This guy thinks he could be a doctor.' This would have destroyed your chosen career, and BTW any other worthwhile career, before it even begins.

    I can promise you no medical school on earth will accept you knowing what you think is a 'bit of fun.' I certainly wouldn't.

    The reason I did not was that I believe in 'mercy' as my Lord Jesus does, and that every one makes mistakes. That everyone deserves a second chance. Knowing God's Mercy made me delete the tweet.

    If this bit of history comes out into the open, you better hope the people who select candidates for medical school also show another Christian characteristic that recognises people are not perfect, and that they can change. That is called 'Grace.' Until you immerse yourself in God's love you will never understand that.

    If you follow my advice and make it into medical school, remember that a Christian doctor, taking an interest in you, saved your ambitions when you really do not deserve it. Like God does to me through Jesus.

    Atheism is neither cool nor particularly intelligent. I haven't seen one argument that is credible.

    I hope you learn from this and do something positive with your life. Otherwise, the best you can hope for is the company of the kind of people who find your avatar amusing.

    Am I serious? Serious enough to be writing this to you at 3.00am.

    I hope God blesses you