Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Jihad Or Not To Jihad

By now, you all have seen the firestorm of emotion around the proposed Islamic Community Center that is probably going to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero, the site of the 9?11 Terrorist attacks. Even though I am a non-believer, I am a staunch believer Constitution and I believe that as long as the Imam who is in charge of this project has the money to build the Center, NO ONE should come between it. But, that hasn't stopped the Islamophobes from perpetrating the display in the video below.

I don't expect my opinions to be that of everyone, but I expect better from people belonging to a faith that claims to be more peaceful than that of Islam, even though the historic number of deaths attributed t Christians dwarfs that of Muslims. and I don't like it when such hatred is seen as "concern". The REAL JIHADISTS are recruiting new members by using the "They hate you. Slaughter them" ideology and time after time, people prove them right. Islamophobia WILL ONLY RESULT IN MORE 9/11 type attacks on this country. This would be a HUGE step forward to patch that gaping wound that day left on our society and government.

If there is a God, is he/she really concerned with what the followers of other faith or non-believers do with their lives. Yet, the raw anger exuded in the below video shows that many people's minds are stuck in the Dark Ages or the Crusades, where jihad, or "holy war" was normal. I am saddened, yet emboldened by this display. It shows me that, indeed, faith leads toward hatred, destruction, racism, etc. In other words, everything we don't need.



  1. Nothing says Gods love like "You are not welcome here." Freedom is for everyone even if we do not agree with their message. Check out this funny cartoon, the middle panel. I'm going to feature you on a post of new blogs, if that is OK. Do you know of any new atheist blogs, I need a few more b4 I do it. Tweet me. Awesomeness.



  2. Hi Anthony! I really like your blog (btw, great background image!)I think the same about the mosque on ground zero.They should just built it, whats the harm? America is a free country.Hey, have you seen this new video from the amazing atheist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPC-isxrhTs , its about the mosque on ground zero, too, and awesome.My favourite quote: "Freedom of speech means, that sometimes, incredible assholes win" Lol , I think thats so true.
    Love, Christine